Sunday, 2 November 2008

Spooky time

Well its that time of the year again. Where the ghouls and spooks roam the earth for one night only. We had a couple in our house hold and our land rover as ever had its decoration too.
The picture at the top is the pumpkin I carved for our land rover. I know what your thinking how does it stay on there. Its not rocket science there is an orange light under the pumpkin and that holds it while driving around.

The corpse bride is my youngest daughter Kayleigh and she won the school fancy dress party they had. She was so excited when she told me when she came home. Heather (my middle daughter) got dressed up to go to a local farm and we were hoping to pick pumpkins in the field but they had to pick and bring them in as the ground frosts had been bad and they would have lost them to the cold. We have alot of old people around where we live so the girls don't get to do trick or treating so it was fingers in buns for tea with blood relish (hotdogs in buns with ketchup) the Hanna Montana 3d movie, Sponge bob halloween dvd and a halloween goodie bag.


Maya said...

So cool costumes!
We don`t elebrate so much here where i live,so we had only a few kids on the door,but they was "scary" *laugh*

I have tagged you :)
Hugs from Maya.

Heather "Hev" said...

That is one convincing corpse bride!!!

Glad you enjoyed your Halloween.

Claudia Rosa said...

hooooly.. those costumes look faboulous.. also the make up :-)
i have not seen anything like this in my town :-)


craftyb said...

Hi Jakki...oh the girls look great! Congrats to Kayleigh for winning...that IS so exciting!! bx

Rach said...

oh wow the girls look fabulous in their halloween outfits, well spooky..
your pumpkin carving looks so professional..brilliant job..
I must remember the fingers in buns with blood relish for next year my kids would love
thanks for sharing. hugs rachxx