Tuesday, 5 August 2008

I've been away and missed so much.

I have been away for awhile and am away again at the weekend. There has been a lot on the go while I was away and just want to mention some of the amazing news which a few of you will definitely be aware off.

Marlene has had a feature in the Craft Stamper which I haven't bought for awhile but went out and bought special as she was featured in it. Go over to her blog and check out her great work and well done on the 4 page spread. Look forward to checking out the article in next months.

Nikki has been ultra busy too. Check out her blog. She has awesome news and must have been busting at the seams to share it but she is now officially one of the High-hopes design team members. How cool is that!!!!! Go girl!!!! and if it wasn't enough reason to go and buy next months craft stamper because Marlene is in it, Nikki has got a feature in it too. So if ever there was a magazine to buy, that's the one.

Maya, Maya, Maya, what can I say such good news. Check out her blog and especially the roses she makes from coffee filters. She has finally been recognised for the stunning work that she produces. She is a design team member for inky wings.

As you can probably tell I really admire the work produced by these ladies and just want to say well done to all of them and love all your latest work. x x x


Maya said...

Ohhh Thank you so much Jakki,for you`re kind words.
I wish you where here so i could give you a big hug,but you have to use you`re imagination!! ;) *big warm hug!*

You are the sweetest!

Hugs from Maya

mar1ene said...

Morning Jakki!!!!
You've got me blushing so much *Ü*

Thanks for all the lovely comments, you really are a sweetie!
Big, big huggles,
Marlene x

Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Thank you honey! It was so nice to read this message on return from our little trip. Your the best! Love, Nikki x