Monday, 30 June 2008

Thank you AngelNikki and Marlene

I can't believe how lucky I have been.
I have been given an award by 2 people, who's work I really admire and love.
They have awarded me with

Thank you to AngelNikki as she is called in my world A.K.A Nikki@Bunny-zoe and Marlene(Doubledutch) check out their website they are great.

I am to pass this on to other bloggers that I admire which is hard as these are 2 people on my list. Here are some others that really deserve a shout.

Maya please check out her blog. Her work is stunning. She makes the most amazing roses out of coffee filters.

Tania I have seen your work grow and develope like a flower.

and to everyone else that visits my blog.


Taniaj said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. To get such comments from you I feel really honoured Tania x.
ps I'm still in awe of your work :)

Maya said...

Thank you so much *big hug*
And i gave it back :)

Hugs from Maya