Thursday, 6 March 2008

Versatile stamps

I am always being asked about favourite stamp. I love stamps that you can adapt to suit any occasion. Here is an example of what I like.

This is the Tilda with easter egg but she is so much more let the imagination go wild!!


traceyj said...

These cards are beautiful!!!!

Like you - I like images that can be altered!!! You have done a fabulous job with these!

TraceyJ UKS

Fae said...

Gorgeous cards - love the fact each card using the same stamp is so different!

Linda (UKS Gadget Monkey) said...

Gorgeous bows and I love the cards too, great idea of putting different things in their hands.

My Paper World said...

Such a great idea! they look fab!

Anne said...

I love what you've done here, what a great idea! Makes me want to improve my stamping technique :)